Bergstrom Expressway: Expressing Community Values Through Mobility Improvements


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) needed to gain public support from more than a dozen neighborhoods for a proposed $750 million toll road project. Not having support would mean that a project, which had been stalled for more than a decade, would never be constructed.


Adisa led the Context Sensitive Solution (CSS) process over an eighteen-month period working with planners, landscape architects and roadway engineers. Adisa conducted a series of three public meetings and extensive outreach to stakeholders including neighborhood leaders, businesses and property owners. Adisa implemented the first robust online visual preferences survey (working with MetroQuest). This opinion survey received more than 800 responses from people impacted the project.


The design of the corridor reflected community values and included had multi-modal improvements such as trails, bikeways, and pedestrian bridges. Overall, the public was complimentary of the CSS approach to the project – in fact, there was no negative feedback at the public hearing. The Bergstrom Expressway received NEPA clearance and is currently under construction.