Center for Health Empowerment: Saving Lives through Outreach


HIV/AIDS disproportionally affects women of color in Travis County with the highest rate of new cases of HIV/AIDS attributed to black women, who make up 53% of new cases while only

making 9% of Austin’s population. One in twenty people diagnosed with HIV are Latina. The barriers for women of color in Travis County to access treatment and prevention for HIV/Aids had to be broken down.


Adisa worked with a newly formed HIV/AIDS prevention clinic, the Center for Health Empowerment, to provide a messaging strategy and launch campaign for the organization. Adisa created partnerships between the Center for Health Empowerment and affected groups and planned a launch event to attract new patients to receive the live-saving PREP drug.


The Center for Health Empowerment saw an 400% increase in the number of patients in the target group seeking treatment.