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Playbook for Black Churches (Fall 2021)

The Black church has played a pivotal role in social justice and liberation movements in our country. Clergy were [...]

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    Shuronda Robinson

    Shuronda Robinson has led public sector, nonprofit, and private sector communications and outreach campaigns to successful completion for nearly three decades. Shuronda is the president and CEO of Adisa Communications, an award-winning public involvement and communications firm based in Austin. She leads the Equity practice for the company and supports the facilitation of difficult conversations. She is a fourth-generation entrepreneur whose family operates an African American weekly newspaper in Houston. There, she gained a passion for communication and the power of the story. Since founding Adisa Communications in 1995, the firm has garnered a reputation for creative professionalism by providing a full spectrum of public involvement and communications services.  

    About Shuronda

    Favorite Travel Destination: Sydney 

    Favorite Music: R&B and Folk 

    Favorite Color: Indigo 

    Favorite Subject in School: Geometry 

    Astrological Sign: Capricorn   

    Place of Birth: Champaign, IL 

    Hero: Mom 

    Favorite Food: French Fries and Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds 

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

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    Julianne Gaynor

    Julianne Gaynor has a passion for uniting communities through storytelling and has more than a decade of marketing, communications, and public relations experience. She leads client service for Adisa Communications after having worked as a journalist, in K-12 and higher education, and the non-profit sectors. She has led client programs to successful completion through teamwork, collaboration, and experience in the communications field. 

    About Julianne

    Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere with a beach

    Favorite Music: Depends on my mood

    Favorite Color: Lilac

    Favorite Subject in School: Social Studies

    Astrological Sign: Libra

    Place of Birth: Stoughton, Massachusetts

    Hero: My Dad

    Favorite Food: Spicy Indian Food

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

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    Dorcaus Ellis

    Dorcaus Ellis joins the Adisa Team, bringing a wealth of experience in research, writing and urban planning. She is highly skilled in relationship development and community relations. Dorcaus holds a Juris Doctorate from Arizona Summit School of Law. She also attended Texas Southern University for a Master’s in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy with a focus on Transportation. She is certified in the public involvement method known as “the Bleiker method” where she helps clients achieve informed consent. She has worked on local and statewide engagement projects including the American Heart Association campaign to create safe indoor air workplaces.

    Dorcaus is the mother of three boys, and she is committed to serving disadvantaged populations and bridging the gap to resources which create societal and financial stability.

    About Dorcaus
    Favorite Color: Green
    Favorite Subject in School: History
    Favorite Music: R&B
    Favorite Travel Destination: St. Lucia
    Astrological Sing: Scorpio
    Place of Birth: Champaign-Urban, Ill.
    Hero: My mother
    Favorite Food: Steak
    Pronouns: she/her

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    Naiya Antar

    While studying mass communications and editorial photojournalism in school, Naiya earned a position as a project assistant for Adisa Communications. Through this organization, she has developed skills in community relations, communication pathways, strategy development, and market research. She is a strong writer, developing high-level content for multiple institutions. She enjoys shaping ideas into real-life stories to reach and inform all-inclusive audiences. Naiya is able to adapt to any climate, bringing energy and vibrancy to every project she supports.

    About Naiya

    Favorite Color: Navy Blue

    Favorite Subject in School: Science and Art

    Favorite Music: R&B

    Favorite Travel Destination: Vieques, Puerto Rico

    Astrological Sign: Aquarius

    Place of Birth: Chandler, AZ

    Hero: My grandmother, Harriet

    Favorite Food: Frozen mangoes

    Pronoun: she/her/her

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    Angie Posada

    Angie Posada is a descendant of Venezuelan and Colombian families and has been an honorary Texan since she was 11 years old. Angie grew up outside of Houston (in Katy) and later went on to study Public Relations and Advertising at Texas State University in San Marcos. After falling in love with the hill country and getting her career started in the marketing side of the AEC industry, she moved to Austin and became a CASA volunteer. For the past five years, she has explored the city and found herself a thorough guide of all things; food, fun, and nature. The art and music scene is important to her and fuels a creativity that she brings to her work. Angie finds inspiration when supporting communication and empathy in all team settings and adds her Spanish heritage to an already diverse workplace. With over 6 years of PR experience and different levels of community outreach projects, she is thrilled to contribute locally through Adisa Communications. 

    About Angie

    Favorite Quote: “You can do it like it’s a great weight on you, or you can do it like a dance.” – Ram Dass

    Favorite Travel Destination: Mexico <3

    Favorite Music: I am very experimental with my taste, but I will always have a soft spot for shoegaze and dreampop, though I am in a nightcore phase right now.

    Favorite Color: Earthy tones

    Favorite Subject in School: Language Arts

    Astrological Sign: Scorpio

    Place of Birth: Venezuela

    Hero: Sister; Gaby Posada

    Favorite Food: Chicken Garbanzo Avo Ricebowl

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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    Millie Williams

    Millie Williams’ work as a social justice mobilizer has evolved to the pursuit of systemic change. She earned a Master of Theology from Emory University while also devoting her time to national Get-Out-The-Vote movements. Millie has worked in government and community. These experiences have given her a unique commitment to encouraging and inspiring leaders to operate with an equity lens. Millie has collaborated with civil rights leaders, government officials, community leaders, neighbors, clergy, and entrepreneurs to address the social, economic, environmental, and human rights injustices plaguing communities of color.  

    About Millie

    Favorite Travel Destination: Africa

    Favorite Music: Reggae

    Favorite Color: Purple

    Favorite Subject in School: History

    Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

    Place of Birth: Galveston Island

    Hero: Leathie Young Williams

    Favorite Food: Texas Brisket

    Pronouns: Princess, she, her, hers

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    Troy Nalls

    Troy Nalls is a renowned celebrity video marketing strategist who has worked with some of the most respected names in the entertainment industry, including Rickey Smiley, Deion Sanders, and Fred Hammond. With over a decade of experience, Troy has become a "secret weapon" in the industry, leveraging social media to connect with millions of people. 

    Troy specializes in creating compelling marketing and promotional content that deeply connects with audiences. He captures the personality and message of each client, creating content that is both heard and felt. His proven and bankable "sellable storytelling" video marketing strategies have helped speakers, thought leaders, entertainers, entrepreneurs, organizations, and athletes connect emotionally through video. 

    Troy's creed is to help his clients' audiences "buy in" to their story so they can "buy from" them. With his passion for creating compelling content and his ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level, Troy Nalls is a visionary marketer who has helped many celebrities, organizations, and brands achieve their goals through innovative video marketing strategies.  

    About Troy

    Favorite quote is: "Say what you mean...just don't say it mean" - Jerome D. Johnson

    Favorite Music: 80’s R&B 90’s Hip Hop

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Favorite Subject in School: History 

    Astrological Sign: Capricorn

    Place of Birth: Guam

    Hero: Bob Kersee

    Favorite Food: Thai

    Pronouns: OG 

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    Brittney Hunter

    Brittney Hunter is native to Montgomery, Al and moved to Dallas, TX in March of 2018. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her niece and nephew. She dedicates time to participating in church volunteer events, services, and working with youth groups.  Brittney has more than 15 years of experience in administrative support. She has supported small business teams of 10 people to corporate companies approx. 300+. She has enjoyed working in the real estate, technology, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. With that, she brings generous knowledge base administratively: from supporting CEOs to engineers, HR, Sales, and other teams while catering to each team uniquely.  Brittney is excited to join Adisa Communications as Office Manager, utilizing her experience to help excel Adisa to new heights. 

    About Brittney

    Favorite Quote: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing- Bishop Jakes

    Favorite Travel Destination: Africa and Italy (Dreams to reality…coming sooner than later)

    Favorite Music:  Gospel, R&B, and Country

    Favorite Color:  Olive

    Favorite Subject in School: Math

    Astrological Sign: Virgo

    Place of Birth: Montgomery, AL

    Hero: Jesus

    Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

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    Dawn Weston

    Dawn Weston brings over 22 years of expertise in communications, project management, publishing, and business development. With a track record of securing and retaining business for prominent media companies such as New Times, Village Voice Media, Edible Communities, and Austin Woman Magazine, Dawn is a natural storyteller who excels at producing engaging content for target audiences. She has extensive experience in business operations, content creation, leading editorial and marketing teams, and coordinating with freelancers. Whether working with local business owners or executives at national and international corporations and agencies, Dawn understands the critical importance of building strong relationships with partners and clients. Above all, she is a passionate and bold professional, skilled at sparking ideas and bringing them to fruition.

    About Dawn

    Favorite Travel Destination: London

    Favorite Music: 80's New Wave and Hip hop

    Favorite Color: Yellow

    Favorite Subject in School: Art

    Astrological Sign: On the Sagittarius/Capricorn Cusp

    Place of Birth: Peoria, IL

    Hero: The women in my family who taught me how to be independent.

    Favorite Food: Chips + Salsa

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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    Joy Williams

    Joy Williams has a talent for creatively inspiring communities and fostering meaningful connections. With over a decade of business marketing and communications experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as Project Assistant at Adisa Communications. Joy's background spans large corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations, where she has successfully managed client programs through collaboration and team work. Additionally, Joy's entrepreneurial experience and business development acumen further enhance her ability to drive growth and innovation within any project she undertakes.

    About Joy

    Favorite Travel Destination: Belize

    Favorite Music: High Vibrations

    Favorite Color: the full Chakra spectrum

    Favorite Subject in School: History

    Astrological Sign: Aquarius

    Place of Birth: Henderson, Texas

    Hero: My Mom

    Favorite Food: Caribbean

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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    Welby J. Goode

    Welby J. Goode joins the Adisa Communications team as a senior project manager. Excited to work alongside non-profits and community partners to be the catalyst for impactful community change, Welby has nearly a decade of experience in government and public affairs, strategic communications, and community engagement. He previously worked in both the public and private sectors, and brings compassion, empathy, and service to the projects he leads.

    About Welby

    Favorite Travel Destination: The Caribbean

    Favorite Music: Film Scores, Classical Music

    Favorite Color: Emerald

    Favorite Subject(s) in School: Science (#Chemistry #MadScientist), History, American Government

    Astrological Sign: #TaurusGang

    Place of Birth: Lafayette, LA

    Hero: Valerie A. Goode, my SuperMom

    Favorite Food: Seafood, Sushi

    Pronouns: He/Him/Mi’Lord

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