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Playbook for Black Churches (Fall 2021)

The Black church has played a pivotal role in social justice and liberation movements in our country. Clergy were allowed to read, spiritual songs were taught that give signals to run toward freedom, and church buildings were used as gathering places for organizing. 

Women and men leaders worked in front of and behind the scenes to advance moral and just laws, to create programs to serve the needs of their communities and to stand up to systems that disproportionately and negatively target Black and brown people.

On the heels of the November 2021 elections, we need the Black church to continue to provide leadership on issues impacting the ‘least of thee.’ We also know that how we collaborate and organize has changed. 

Our Fall Playbook is designed to advance the work of Black churches, and other faith groups, to promote the basis of our democracy — one person, one vote. 

It’s time to get up to speed on changes to voting laws, make sure you know how to get registered, and are aware of a few opportunities to become engaged – it’s time to consider how to get others activated and to the polls safely. 

This Playbook for Black Churches provides step by step instructions and tools for faith leaders. Please share with your pastors and faith leaders. 

We pray it helps.

A Playbook for Black Churches (Fall 2021)