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Shuronda Robinson named “I Am Austin Woman” at the 2020 Woman’s Way Awards

The Austin Woman Magazine’s 2020 Woman’s Way Awards went virtual last night. Shuronda Robinson, the President and CEO of Adisa Communications, was the proud recipient of the “I Am Austin Woman” award.

The “I Am Austin Woman” award is described as a lifetime achievement. According to Austin Woman Magazine, “This woman is beloved in the Austin community for her innate ability to foster engaging and empowering conversation and inspire those around her. Throughout her lengthy career and avid community involvement, she has led with exceptional grace and finesse, her actions echoing the core mission of Austin Woman magazine. The impact she has made as a woman and for women is key.”

Shuronda says she was honored to receive the prestigious award. “To the women of Austin, you give, you serve, you innovate and we would not be who we are as a community with you. I am honored to be a part of this prestigious group of award winners and am grateful to my team at Adisa Communications.”

Read the full text of Shuronda’s moving, heartfelt acceptance speech or watch the video of the awards ceremony below.

“It feels good to be loved.

Thank you Austin Woman Magazine for this tremendous honor.  As the daughter of a newspaper publisher I understand in my bones what it takes to tell the stories of powerful, amazing women all doing their part to transform this community. Thank you Dawn and thank you Melinda.

To my fellow honorees and winners tonight and to the amazing women in this category, each of you inspire me.

You give, you serve, you innovate – we would not be who we are as a community with you. I have enjoyed getting to know you more thru this process and I look forward to linking arms as a community in the future.

I love Austin. I am so grateful to this community. As Jehmu shared earlier: I am hopeful!

As a communicator I know what we say matters, however…what we all know is that where we are coming from matters more. It is the intention behind our words and actions that determines our success or failure.

It is exactly that type of clarity of intention that we seek when we hire, when we work with clients…and as we do our personal and professional development work at Adisa Communications.

I want to thank my team at Adisa Communications. I’ve been at this work for 25 years. It has taken me literally around the world. I am proud of my all-woman team from diverse backgrounds, faiths and experiences — you rock. It is your genius that lifts and elevates the important issues around education, equity, health care, transportation and technology.

Our mission is to create greater peace and beauty on the planet. To do this work requires that we love.

And I can think of no better time in human history that the business community rises to challenge to love. To the women in the audience who have a dream in their heart for a business, a product and cause – fuel it with love. You will never fail.

Thank you to my mom and dad, my 3 young men, Adisa, William Alex and Jordan and my family. You are the foundation for my life and my love. You have demonstrated unconditional love. And daily teach me how to perfect my own.

And finally thank you Austin. I will leave you with this… in what appears to be the dark days ahead, it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

I love you.  And thank you.”

— Shuronda Robinson, Adisa Communications President and CEO