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Empowering Girls Through the Girl Scouts of Central Texas’ Annual “Cookie Entrepreneur” Pitch Competition

In January, Shuronda (CEO/President of Adisa Communications) was asked to be a judge for the annual Girl Scouts of Central Texas’ “Cookie Entrepreneur” pitch competition. The competition began in 2015 as a part of the “Cookie Entrepreneur Program.” As a part of this empowering program, the girls must create and deliver pitches to sell their most popular item – the girl scout cookie. 

The pitch competition is an excellent opportunity for the girls to practice their public speaking skills. Shuronda has an abundance of knowledge in this area and worked with the Girl Scouts on the importance of their body language, including posture, greetings, and handshakes. We loved connecting with this community of budding female entrepreneurs!  

In addition to Shuronda, there were six other women business leaders supporting and judging the event:

It was empowering to be in a room full of successful businesswomen! The vibe was clear – girls run the world.

The girls were pitching their own girl scout cookies. Many had lofty cookie sale goals and already had plans for how the profits would be spent. Some pitched to whole companies, saying the “Thanks A Lot” cookie would be an excellent gift to clients. Others pitched caring ideas that involved giving back to their communities and fellow Girl Scouts. 

One Girl Scout even wrote a business plan for her own cookie business, along with customized pitches for each of the seven businesses on the judging panel. Finally, she showed off her cookie box wraps that could be designed to include business logos and personal notes. The creativity of the girls’ proposals is something we had to support! 


At the end of each pitch, the panel of judges asked questions and offered constructive feedback. In addition to the opportunity to sell cookies, this was a great learning experience for all the Girl Scouts involved.

After all the presentations, the judges deliberated to see who they felt had the strongest pitches and, therefore, would get their business. The talk went back and forth, highlighting each Girl Scouts’ strengths. 

By the end of the competition, 60 total cases of cookies were purchased from the girls who pitched. That’s a total of 720 boxes! After much deliberation, Adisa Communications purchased cookies from three impressive, convincing Girl Scouts. Our purchase made up 17% of the total boxes sold that day! We loved connecting with other female business leaders and supporting the next group of female entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to share the cookies with our clients over the next few weeks.

Adisa Communications is happy to support young female entrepreneurs!
Thank you, GSCTX, for including us in your 2020 “Cookie Entrepreneur” pitch competition.