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26 Years of Clarity: Celebrating with Adisa Communications (recap)

In April 2021, Adisa Communications celebrated its 26th anniversary – 26 years of clarity, creativity, caring, and connection. The virtual celebration kicked off with music from DJ Troy Nalls. Billy D. Washington, internationally known comedian and longtime family friend of Shuronda, emceed the event.

Adisa Communications CEO, Shuronda Robinson, started by thanking attendees for being a part of the journey. “For me, the journey really started with my family and in particular, my parents,” said Shuronda. “They taught me and my brothers and my sister how important it was to live your truth and give your gifts. That you have a responsibility as long as you’re here, on this earth, to do something for other people. I’ve been fortunate enough to bring all those things together in the work we do here at Adisa Communications.

Adisa Communications is named after Shuronda’s oldest son, now 27. Adisa’s name means ‘one who makes himself clear.’ In a moment of insight, Shuronda realized what communication really is, what communication really means, and it’s all about clarity and what it means to be a caretaker of something. Shuronda has two more sons, but she admitted Adisa was the only one with a company – a legacy – named after him. “I’m working on the other two businesses now!” Shuronda jokes. She summed up by thanking her family for being her support and for allowing her to go this far and do this much for the community, their clients, their team members, and people that they serve.

Shuronda then went on to say she has been blessed with “many mothers,” many women who have taken her into their care. They have pointed out her shortcomings and also celebrated with her in times of success. She mentioned one of the first employees at Adisa Communications, Norma Smith. Norma is the one who taught Shuronda how to put an agenda together and how to run a meeting. Shuronda said Norma gave her some of the best advice she was given in her twenties: “Don’t worry about how you feel, worry about what needs to be said.” Shuronda has since lived from that place and thanked Norma for pushing her to continue saying what needs to be said.

Joia Jitahidi, another mentor in Shuronda’s life, allowed her to be vulnerable. Joia helped develop Shuronda’s sense of humanity and that’s what Adisa Communications represents – an institution of caring, creativity, clarity, and purpose.

Finally, Shuronda thanked Dr. Michele Rountree. “She taught me what it meant to be collaborative from a community standpoint. To work in such a way that we bring people together who have very different backgrounds and interests in a way that it can become a movement,” said Shuronda.

These were the women that saw Shuronda at her best and, most importantly, stood by her at her worst. “But I can’t leave out the men in my life, y’all,” said Shuronda. “My father understood the power of mindset and the power of giving people the power to win, then showing them how their own minds get in the way of their success.” Shuronda’s father passed away several years ago. “The universe sent me exactly what I needed and that is Troy Nalls,” said Shuronda. “He has been instrumental in the life of Adisa Communications and my life, pushing me to do work I didn’t think was possible for me. This work, and being able to stay in the game this long, is a result of the love I have from the people in the community, the people in my family, and my gifted and talented Team Adisa.”

Shuronda then thanked, “the folks that pay the bills!” She reflected on Austin Area Urban League, Adisa Communication’s first client. “Thank you for giving this black girl an opportunity to serve you, to meet your needs, to make mistakes, to grow, to expand,” said Shuronda.

The virtual event continued with a celebratory video featuring Team Adisa members, incredible musical performances by Orgena Rose, Dionysus, Andre Taylor, Pamela Hart, and Andre James, and an original poetry reading by KB Brookins. 

Shuronda’s mother, Dorris Ellis Robinson, was in attendance as well. That lead to a touching message from Shuronda of love, perseverance, what it means to serve, and what it means to be a mother. “I’m so grateful to have that entrepreneurial spirit that you gave me,” said Shuronda. “I’m blessed to have a mother that I look to as someone that I admire, that I respect, that is the example, that makes me want to be a better person because you are continuously upping the game.” 

“I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to help raise a wonderful young lady in Miss Shuronda Robinson. Shuronda has always been an inspiration, a leader, and in command of what ever needed to be done. Leave it to Shuronda, and it will happen,” said Dorris.

The night concluded joyfully with DJ Troy Nalls back on the music. “Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the past 26 years and will be a part of the next 20 years,” Shuronda Robinson, Adisa Communications CEO.


About Adisa Communications: Adisa means ‘one who makes himself clear’. It’s who we are and what we do. We create communications solutions that allow you to move your brand or product forward with integrity.