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Having a tough conversation

Hey, there’s something in your teeth.” That’s an uncomfortable thing to point out. However, the receiving end of that comment is almost always grateful. Not all tough conversations end with slight embarrassment then gratitude. Conversely, not all tough conversations end up in flames. Gather your thoughts and enter the discussion with empathy for everyone involved in the conversation, including yourself! This means that whatever your problem and solution is, the greatest result is that you had the opportunity to hear and be heard.

Scenario: Your client excitedly presents a graphic design idea to you.

Problem: The design is off brand and unattractive.

Analysis: Allowing this subpar idea to be released would be unkind to you and your client’s reputation. You are saving them from embarrassment, so this tough conversation must be had.

Solution: Have empathy! Approach crushing your client’s excitement as an empathetic act. Choose your words carefully. Ask them what attracted them to their design idea. You may be able to use elements from their hideous design. But, the most empathetic thing you can do in this scenario is keep your client’s graphics on brand and beautiful.