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Adisa After Hours with Joia Jitahidi

“Fear is learned. And stress is optional,” says Joia Jitahidi of “Muses That Inspire”.

Joia taught a master-class on how to avoid burnout by accessing inspiration at our first Adisa After Hours of 2020. Joia, an author, coach, and speaker brought her wisdom, caring, and calming presence to the session.  Combatting stress so that we can experience clarity, joy, and ease comes at a perfect time as the momentum of the year grows.

“She’s the perfect person to teach us practical ways to find peace and clarity in your life,” says Shuronda Robinson. “We all learned so much from her and can’t wait to be first on her list to receive her new book!”

The Adisa After Hours series this year focuses on achieving abundance.  Upcoming events in this year’s series will include Eugene Sepulveda, CEO of the Entrepreneurs Foundation; Preston James, CEO/Co-Founder, DivInc.; and April Reign, creator of #OscarsSoWhite.

If you missed it, read on to learn more about how to access the energy to overcome burnout.


At the core of her talk, Joia wanted to help us understand the purpose of stress and fear in our lives. Before she began, Joia asked us to be open with her and share what stress looks like in each of our own lives. Then, Joia pushed us to think about stress differently – it’s assumed we have it and have to deal with it. What if we think about stress differently?

Joia talked about grounding yourself and channeling energy through “connecting with Source, connecting with each other.” We talked about how stress comes from not having enough. Not having enough time, money, support, energy, rest, wisdom, space… the list could go on and on. Then, she dropped some knowledge on us – stress is optional. Joia discussed mindset and how so much of stress and fear have to do with mindset. You have to recognize you always have a choice in your mindset.

Moving from stress to the topic of fear, we discussed what fear is and what it looks like for us. Fear is a lack of control of outcomes, a sense of dread, being in a frozen state, not able to move forward, insecurity, and so much more. Most of all, Joia said, fear is learned. Anything that is learned, can be unlearned. Joia then did a really wonderful exercise which required us to connect with ourselves and connect with those sitting around us. “When you find yourself in fear,” Joia said, “find what comforts you.” Those in the audience opened up about what they do to comfort themselves. We were vulnerable and open while sharing, caring for one another.

To close out her talk, Joia left us with a few key points:

    • You can choose to not burnout. 
    • You can choose wisdom instead of stress. It leads to joy. 
    • Share your joy with those around you.

Finally, when you continue to focus on the problem, the problem continues. This really resonated with the people in the audience and we hope it resonates with you too. You have to give the problem up to hear the solution.

Thank you to all who came to the first Adisa After Hours of 2020. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to learn from Joia. Her newest book, Into the Muse Dimension, will be launching later this year and  Adisa Communications is honored to be able to promote it for her! If finding peace and clarity in your personal and professional life sounds appealing to you, we encourage you to join us at our next Adisa After Hours event. We post all events on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us at Adisa Communications.