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Reflections on 23 years at Adisa Communications

I am proud, humbled and in awe to have made it 23 years in business this month!

As an entrepreneur, it is really nice to celebrate successes and failures — and to reflect on all that I have learned over the past two decades. Important, painful and often exhilarating lessons — from my coaches, mentors, employees and clients. These lessons in failure create the foundation of success.

I recall the three vows I made to myself when I launched the firm in 1995:
1. Only work with people you love (which later became learn to love everybody)
2. You have no competition (which later became a commitment to perfect being me, not anyone else)
3. Serve your team, serve your clients, serve yourself (which later became just serve because that’s all we’re here for anyway)

I am soooooo grateful for those who took a chance and gave me an opportunity to represent them, design their brand, smooth over their conflicts or promote their dreams.

And I am especially grateful to my team who inspires to grow and allows me to lead. Thank you!!!

I’m clearer now about who I am and more confident than I’ve been in my life. I am ready for another two decades cause this work, this business called Adisa, is my absolute joy.